Trends for Spring 2010:

  • Bare your skin 
  • Trench coats (and not the ordinary ones- deconstructed, crazy things)
  • Transparent accessories
  • Futuristic and embellished shoes with loads of drama
  • Kitten heels, espadrilles, thong boots, platform sandals, knee-high sandal boots (NO flats)
  • Graphic prints (optical, geometric, animal print)
  • Deconstructed corset and lingerie inspired dresses and tops (the "underwear as outerwear" trend) 
  • Clean cut, futuristic yet soft 60's structured silhouettes
  • Energetic pops of red accompanied with ivories and blacks 
  • Expensive fabrics cut, slashed and ripped without a care
  • Vintage 70's patterns with modern pieces 
  • Prints and patterns such as: dip-dyed, bleeding floral and animal prints
  • Sequins

Favourite Fall 2010 Shoes and Accessories 
All pictures from:

Top: Alexandra Neel   Bottom: Bottega Veneta

Top: Bottega Veneta   Bottom: Brian Atwood

Top: Christian Louboutin   Bottom: Christian Louboutin

Top: Donna Karan   Bottom: Emilio Pucci

Top: Karl Lagerfeld   Bottom: Karl Lagerfeld

How cool are these?!
Givenchy Fanta Denim lace-up boots. ($995)US

I'm thinking that I should start saving up for these bad boys since they're so versatile. You could wear them during the summer and during the winter and you could wear them with pretty much anything. They're also not those boring, neutral black,brown heels everybody usually turns to. I'm in love. Really, really, in love.

Image from: Net-a-porter

Or maybe this would be the perfect fall bag from Louis Vuitton...
The Louis Vuitton Denim Neo Cabby GM in Noir? ($1940)US
I know it's from 2007 but it still looks current to me. 
What do you think?

The PERFECT Fall Handbag.

I'm not much of a Louis Vuitton girl. Maybe it's because whenever I think of the brand, I automatically think of the fake, tacky, plain monogram purses I see many people guilty of wearing... that is until I found the Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Alma Noir. 

There's also the Monogram Eclipse Alma Ombre. (I personally prefer the noir!)

Too bad it costs $2470 (US).

Prada Spring 2010 

The bags and shoes were awesome! Everything from this collection looked sophisticated, expensive yet wildly creative. I would definitely wear this during the spring/summer months. Such eye candy! I can't stop looking back at these. Pictures from:

A few outfits:


What's wrong with being a little different? 

Recently, I've come across these two articles: from from the Daily Mail
They both talk about taking bold lipstick trends from the runway into real life.

Picture from article

For the article, on, some people left comments such as:
"Never wear this color unless you want to look like an idiot."
"what did she do to that smurf?????"
"I'm going to have to agree with VK--looks like hypothermia, hypoxia, or death."
"they look like corpses! no no, and NO."
"NOOOOO way! There are a few colors of lipstick no woman should ever wear. Black, blue and green don't flatter anyone's face. Save it for Halloween."

Bethan Cole from the Daily Mail wrote an article about how she dared to wear black lipstick during a night out. Of her reactions, she said, "After the dinner, in the pub, one middle-aged man stared at me quizzically and horrified."
"A similar reaction came a few months later from Lorraine Kelly when I appeared on her TV show LK Today. She deemed it 'horrible'. Being no fan of her bland and beige sofa world, I felt rather happy I'd raised her blood pressure."

I...almost got offended by all of this controversy over such a simple thing as a shade of lipstick. I never knew people actually cared. I've never seen people with bright purple or blue lipstick walking down the streets, but if I did, I would simply think that they were being creative. With MAC's "Style Black" collection, I've been thinking more and more of purchasing a black lipstick. And for spring 2010, you WILL see me in lipsticks in all the shades of the effing rainbow. And I will go out in public.
Stay tuned to see the results.

Gucci Spring 2010 Bags

Well, let's start off by saying that the handbags in the beginning were... quite atrocious. Of course, keep in mind that's just my opinion. Don't get offended. Note: All pictures from

The worst and the first:

Later on in the show, they did get better... but I never fell in love (2nd one is nice!)

UNTIL this beauty came out. Though I bet you it's going to retail for $15 000 + 

Here's some pictures of the clutches. Love the orange one!

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 Gives Me A Headrush

Sexy, powerful, provocative women who dress like gothic, chic secretaries but can definitely pull off a floral or a red and black leopard print without looking like tacky middle age women who drag their children to Disneyland. That's my little sum up there. Quite accurate don't you think?
I chose some highlights from the show from :

P.S. These models are so freaking skinny! They look like tall seven year olds. It's scary. I'm used to seeing skinny girls in the fashion industry but for some reason, these girls look worse to me. There are some models in the show who look even skinnier, but I didn't post those. Not eating is unattractive people! Some girls are naturally skinny but I can usually tell which ones are and aren't. Most of these girls are malnourished and I can tell. 
And I hate it when models suck in their cheeks when walking down the runway. e.g Natasha Poly (the model in the first picture). 
It's like they're thinking, "Hey! How could I look even more sick and like I just left the nazi concentration camps?! Hmm...maybe sucking my cheeks in will give a greater definition to the outline of my skull. I should try that." And Natasha already has amazing cheek bones! I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it may just be makeup and lighting.

I realize that it's a problem but I just wish it didn't affect so many people which is why I get so easily frustrated over the subject.

Perfect for a chic, lazy day
Rag & Bone Fall 2009

Shirred Boyfriend Shirt ($275)

Cheviot Jacket ($575)

Moto Leggings with Mesh ($275)

All clothing from Shopbop. :) 
And this wasn't meant to be an outfit. I just picked pieces which I thought were the highlights of the ready to wear line on the website. 

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My Latest Obsession: Cool Ass Rings




1. Elizabeth and James Twig Cluster Ring ($125)
2. Elizabeth and James Pollen Ring ($175)
3. Kenneth Jay Lane Teardrop Ring ($132)
4. Kenneth Jay Lane Snake Ring ($99)
I know... they're not the most exciting of rings but I love rings that have character but do not overpower your outfit. That is unless you're wearing something really basic (like a typical LBD) and want your statement jewellery to be the main focus.
Note: These pictures are from It's a great website with mostly contemporary designers. Check it out!