R.I.P. Alexander McQueen

One of my favourite fashion designers has died recently. I'll say that he was hands down the most influential figure in British fashion. His theatrical designs inspired me greatly. Simply looking at pictures of his clothing on the runway gave me goosebumps. 
Rest in peace Alexander. You will always be remembered. 

Will You Be My Valentine?

There are some absolutely gorgeous vintage pieces on www.etsy.com
Here are some of my favourites that I've seen so far. 

Prices are relatively inexpensive unless you're looking to buy a fur coat or vintage designer gown. The prices for even these things, however, are lower than those that you'd find at a vintage shop in the middle of the city. 
Be sure to check out the website!

Introducing the Pre-Fall collections of 2010...

Alexander Wang

Oscar De La Renta

Diane Von Furstenburg 


Rag & Bone


These are just a few of my favourite looks I've seen from Pre-Fall so far. Very grey, very black. Dull but chic. At Chanel I've noticed alot of military, at Oscar de La Renta there was a lot of embellishments and at Alexander Wang, I've noticed a ton of black minimalism. Of course, Calvin Klein does minimalism the best but at times, like this season, I find it too simple. I've always wanted to look like a blank slate and with Alexander Wang I could do so, without looking deathly boring. 

Favourite Accessories of Spring/Summer 2010 

I am obsessed with Chanel. I love how the same pieces can be worn by almost all age groups. Everything Chanel is timeless and beautiful. A Chanel suit you bought in the 80's would still look modern now and they last forever, so it's an investment you will never regret making! 

Here are some of my favourite Chanel jewellery pieces from Cruise '10: 
Absolutely stunning! And look at how big that pearl is on that ring!!

Just Looking...

Barbie is hot at 50!

Surrounded by a cloud
Smoke and perfume
Wearing tights to bed
Like a whore
Click clacking through the city
I want something more
To touch, to feel, to smell, to dream.
Hit me like a taxi
Light's turning green