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Barbie is hot at 50!

Surrounded by a cloud
Smoke and perfume
Wearing tights to bed
Like a whore
Click clacking through the city
I want something more
To touch, to feel, to smell, to dream.
Hit me like a taxi
Light's turning green

One of my favourite fashion photographers has to be Paolo Roversi. What a genius.

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132894324830// SEXY 80S CHIC(K)S

Warm and Fuzzy... Blue Fairey... Bartlett Exiting Liz... -

Barbie has fat ankles?! haha
I can't wait to see the results. 

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I love Dita.

In 2003 at the tomb of Victor Noir. I LOVE the folklore surro... on Twitpic

This is Prada. 

You can't be serious. 

"There's nothing intellectual about fashion. Women don't want to wear an idea."—Alber Elbaz

What do you think?

Happy Belated 15th Birthday Nars!

I love love love Nars. It is the love of my life and to forget its' birthday is like to forget your own child's birthday.
I'm not crazy!
Nars is quite a pricey cosmetics brand but quality isn't cheap. And if it is, you're quite lucky. 
I don't own a lot of Nars for being obsessed with the brand but here are some of my favourites:

Can't you just stare at it all day?! (Nars Tropic Eyeshadow)

I want to go to Paris and wear this every single day! (Nars Pleasures of Paris Palette)

The lipstick that suits everyone. (Nars Lipstick in "Dolce Vita")

And of course, Nars blush in "Orgasm". I think the one that I purchased was mislabeled. I'm pretty sure I got "Torrid" because it looks nothing like "Orgasm". Oh well, they both look gorgeous.


Check Out: Alice+Olivia

Note: All pictures from Shopbop.

From top (left to right): 
Alice+Olivia Shrunken Military Jacket with Embellishments ($550)
Alice+Olivia Sequin Leggings ($298)
Alice+Olivia Gusset Leather Jacket ($697)
Alice+Olivia Sequin Dress with Keyhole Back ($495)
Alice+Olivia Spatter Ripped Skinny Jeans ($264)
Alice+Olivia Jody Genie Pants ($176)