Hey everyone!

So. Surprisingly, I haven't even started my back to school shopping yet! Since I'm on more of a budget than past years (mostly because of the recession) I've been looking into getting the bulk of my new things from Urban Outfitters rather than a more expensive store. On their website they have the cutest cardigans and shoes. Aritzia, a trendy store among teens and 20 somethings, is really popular around where I live. Although I love some of their clothes, I notice that they're definitely not the best quality and are somewhat overpriced. Another con about the store is that, since there's always like 60 people in the store, the most common sizes in jeans are usually gone. If you buy your entire wardrobe from there, like the majority of my school, you're also bound to look alot like somebody else that day.

I've been trying to expand my wardrobe with more original pieces from places like Kensington Market, where I've found sunglasses which look like they're $80 but are actually $20. I'll post some pics up from my little trip with my friend Katie. We went into the most eccentric shops and saw some pretty interesting things (A plastic bowl of soup?!)

Btw..I'm going to start posting my outfits of the day and commenting on fall fashion shows soon so keep reading

Bye everyone


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