Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 Gives Me A Headrush

Sexy, powerful, provocative women who dress like gothic, chic secretaries but can definitely pull off a floral or a red and black leopard print without looking like tacky middle age women who drag their children to Disneyland. That's my little sum up there. Quite accurate don't you think?
I chose some highlights from the show from :

P.S. These models are so freaking skinny! They look like tall seven year olds. It's scary. I'm used to seeing skinny girls in the fashion industry but for some reason, these girls look worse to me. There are some models in the show who look even skinnier, but I didn't post those. Not eating is unattractive people! Some girls are naturally skinny but I can usually tell which ones are and aren't. Most of these girls are malnourished and I can tell. 
And I hate it when models suck in their cheeks when walking down the runway. e.g Natasha Poly (the model in the first picture). 
It's like they're thinking, "Hey! How could I look even more sick and like I just left the nazi concentration camps?! Hmm...maybe sucking my cheeks in will give a greater definition to the outline of my skull. I should try that." And Natasha already has amazing cheek bones! I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that it may just be makeup and lighting.

I realize that it's a problem but I just wish it didn't affect so many people which is why I get so easily frustrated over the subject.


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