The Price of Beauty

Sorry I've been away for a while! I've been horribly busy with the beginning of school.
And as a result I've missed reviews for some incredibly amazing designers showing for Spring 2010.
But anyways..
I have a question for you guys (or, rather, for the one person who's reading my blog hahah)
What's the most you've spent on an item related to fashion, beauty, etc.?
What's the price you would pay for beauty?

The reason I'm asking is because perhaps it'll justify my reason for going out and spending so much money recently. Yes, I know, there's worse. People who collect clothing, makeup, shoes and accessories probably spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and sometimes go into debt because of it. It IS addicting. Some people say it's simply stupid for spending so much money on these things, but I'm sure they haven't been molded by our society into a certain way, to think that it is perfectly reasonable to spend $2000 on a jacket.

What do you think??


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