Recently, I've heard of an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi saying that crocs were not permitted during Yom Kippur... which got me to thinking, "What fashions do I absolutely hate?". It's a tricky question because I believe that all styles and colours can look great if they're done right. Muiccia Prada finds her inspiration from things she doesn't like (such as lace and the colour teal) and makes them into masterpieces. Although I think any awful trend can be done well through some creativity, here are some ones which I still need further convincing with.

Fashions/Hairstyles/Dressing Habits/Etc. I despise (which you may like! I'm not telling you to not wear them): 
  • Crocs. I was thinking of ways to make it fashionable and a croc stiletto appeared in my mind. I shuddered. 
  • Cowboy boots.
  • Light wash, skinny jeans. (Nobody other than a toothpick looks good in them!)
  • Uggs. (Maybe the slippers or moccasins indoors, but not when you're going out please! So unoriginal.)
  • People wearing clothing they would never wear just because everyone else is.
  • Long, claw-like, ghetto nails. UGH!
  • Over accessorizing. (Hat, 20+ bangles on your arms, sunglasses the size of watermelons, chandelier earrings, a waist belt, a huge handbag and a dozen necklaces all at once. Trust me, I've seen it before.)
  • Mullets. No explanation needed.
  • Wearing skinny jeans when you're not skinny. It may sound mean, but in my opinion everyone should wear clothing that flatters their own bodies. 


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