Alas, summer has ended and school begins. Today was my first day of school and this was my outfit. I was surprised everyone just wore a pair of short shorts and a plain t-shirt! Don't people freak out about what you wear on the first day... or is that just me? Who knows.

Anyway...I got everything from, you guessed it, Urban Outfitters. So here it is.
I didn't dress up too much. When I'm going to school, I don't like to accessorize too much because everything just seems to get in the way because my jewelry tends to be a little on the dramatic side. So I went for clean and simple, a little sexy (with the see-through top and zipped up skirt) and with a pop of colour. And keep in mind that the colors look different on the picture. The top is more of a coral and the skirt is lighter wash of denim.


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