What's wrong with being a little different? 

Recently, I've come across these two articles: 
http://www.style.com/beauty/beautycounter/2009/09/rainbow-kisses-from-across-the-pond/ from Style.com
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1169490/Would-wear--black-lipstick.html from the Daily Mail
They both talk about taking bold lipstick trends from the runway into real life.

Picture from Style.com article

For the style.com article, on yahoo.com, some people left comments such as:
"Never wear this color unless you want to look like an idiot."
"what did she do to that smurf?????"
"I'm going to have to agree with VK--looks like hypothermia, hypoxia, or death."
"they look like corpses! no no, and NO."
"NOOOOO way! There are a few colors of lipstick no woman should ever wear. Black, blue and green don't flatter anyone's face. Save it for Halloween."

Bethan Cole from the Daily Mail wrote an article about how she dared to wear black lipstick during a night out. Of her reactions, she said, "After the dinner, in the pub, one middle-aged man stared at me quizzically and horrified."
"A similar reaction came a few months later from Lorraine Kelly when I appeared on her TV show LK Today. She deemed it 'horrible'. Being no fan of her bland and beige sofa world, I felt rather happy I'd raised her blood pressure."

I...almost got offended by all of this controversy over such a simple thing as a shade of lipstick. I never knew people actually cared. I've never seen people with bright purple or blue lipstick walking down the streets, but if I did, I would simply think that they were being creative. With MAC's "Style Black" collection, I've been thinking more and more of purchasing a black lipstick. And for spring 2010, you WILL see me in lipsticks in all the shades of the effing rainbow. And I will go out in public.
Stay tuned to see the results.


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